Twist – Agile Testing Solution: Overview

Twist enables you to test new features rapidly, while ensuring all functionality (existing and evolving) does exactly what the business wants. It gets business experts and testers working collaboratively on the testing process. It ensures you can accommodate even last-minute changes easily.

Accommodate change
Test suites in Twist keep pace with evolving requirements and do not have to be thrown away the moment functionality changes. Old tests remain usable – saving money and time.

Align Testing with business requirements.
Business users can write business requirements in English so QAs can run them directly as tests. No silos. Nothing lost in translation.

Test Automation done right.
QAs use Twist to provide feedback to developers throughout the development cycle so they can fix errors on-the-go. No need to wait until the end of the development cycle when the cost of fixing errors becomes prohibitive.

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Run requirements specs as tests

Your platform for delivery of intended and tested business value

Twist directly captures business requirements and uses them as test specifications, enabling you to deliver intended and tested business value. Twist optimizes test effort allowing you to modify regression tests easily, with minimal impact. With Twist you can:

  • Capture and test full business intent: Business users express requirements in plain English in their own domain language. This serves as test specifications to which testers map their underlying code.
  • Collaborate on quality: Business users write test specifications in their domain language. Testers map them to their underlying tests and developers validate their code vis-à-vis the business requirements.
  • Leverage tests throughout your application’s lifetime: Create tests that preserve intent even when the underlying implementation changes, such as interface-level modifications.
  • Evolve adaptive regression suites: Optimize automated test coverage, add and modify your regression test suites with content assist to reuse existing workflows and IDE-support for refactoring.
  • Test web dynamic UIs with AJAX: Test rich, dynamic web based applications with elements of AJAX and JavaScript and thick client Java Swing applications.

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Adopt Agile Holistically

Software with optimal business value is also dependent on sound engineering practices like continuous integration and management practices like iteration planning. Twist enables these practices by integrating with other systems, and provides further control and visibility into the start-to-end development process.

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Customer Testimonial

“We chose Twist because it doesn’t take an army of experts to implement, manage or build upon and because of its cost-effectiveness, quality and scalability. Twist has enabled us to craft a transformation that allows us to deliver reliable, consistent and scalable testing for all of our future projects.”

– Stuart Taylor, Test Team Lead, Trader Media Ltd.

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