Twist – Test Automation: Features

Collaborate with the Business: Map Requirements as Executable Tests

Foster collaboration between the business users and your team, which ensures that you capture, develop and test the intended requirements.Highlights:

  • Business workflows for Business Users to easily express requirements in English (or any UTF-8 supported language) using readable domain-specific constructs.
  • Scenario Editor to use the expressed intent directly as test specifications.
  • IDE support for testers to map intent to test implementation and easily navigate between them.
  • Business Rules Tables to easily define test data.
  • Usability-rich IDE for the entire team to validate if they are developing software according to the customers requirements.

Scenario editor

Create Valuable, Long-Term Test Suites: Assets that grow with your application

With Twist, tests are long-lived assets to be used throughout the life of an application. Since business requirements are expressed as executable tests, a test suite remains relevant even when the underlying implementation changes. Tests are no longer use-and-throwaway artifacts, but valuable assets.


  • Separation of business intent from the underlying technical implementation.
  • Tests unaffected by interface-level changes.
  • Support for refactoring to easily absorb changes to the application in your test suite.
  • Evolve your business specific language.

Modify tests as per changes

Get Full Test Support: Automate, Optimize, Debug

With Twist your team gets all the support for test automation, optimization and debugging in one platform.


  • Full support for Test Automation for optimal test coverage.
  • Content Assist to reuse existing workflows and optimize your test suites.
  • Support to trace execution of a Scenario with real-time and overall results and Stack Trace to easily debug your tests.

Reuse test suites

Wider application test support

With Twist you can test a wider range of web applications, including those with thick clients and dynamic interfaces.


  • Support for testing any application or service that can integrate with Java.
  • Support for testing web dynamic UIs that contain AJAX and JavaScript components
  • Support for testing thick client applications created with Java Swing.

Test AJAX and Swing based Applications

Manage your test suites: Enhanced Test Organization and Reporting

Twist simplifies test management with support for organizing your large test suites and reporting against them.


  • Support for dynamic Inline reporting.
  • Generate HTML test reports locally within Twist or via Ant as part of the build process.
  • Test tagging for better test organization.
  • Create dynamic test suites with test grouping. For example, you could run all tests that have the tags: accounting, slow, and regression.

Real-time status reports

Support Management: No-fuss Integration Capabilities

Twist fits in easily with your current software with plug-in integration support for a variety of tools. The power of Twist can also be extended with Mingle (Team Collaboration and Project Management platform) and Cruise (Release Management tool) for smootherapplication lifecycle management.


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Customer Testimonial

“We chose Twist because it doesn’t take an army of experts to implement, manage or build upon and because of its cost-effectiveness, quality and scalability. Twist has enabled us to craft a transformation that allows us to deliver reliable, consistent and scalable testing for all of our future projects.”

– Stuart Taylor, Test Team Lead, Trader Media Ltd.

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