Which Edition of Mingle is right for you?

Mingle Plus supports collaboration and visibility across multiple, independent teams, helping them coordinate work and adapt plans as they progress. Perfect for large organizations and distributed teams working on more than one project. Mingle has all of the product functionality except the ability to see collaborate and report across multiple projects. Great for small teams working on stand-alone projects.

Compare Mingle

Feature Mingle Mingle Plus
Price, per user, per year, USD $240 $400
Free Users 5 5
Anonymous user access
Configurable XP, Scrum. Lean and other customizable project templates.
Customizable multi-dimensional card walls and taskboards.
Manage and define processes with configurable workflows.
Plan releases, iterations or sprints using Mingle’s card trees.
Prioritize work using drag and drop card ranking.
Search with advanced tools and filtering on cards, properties and tags.
Capture requirements, acceptance criteria and tests in one place.
See what team members are doing via Murmurs, feeds and email alerts.
See the complete picture by viewing change histories.
Customizable project reports and dashboards.
Group projects and team members into Programs.
Capture and prioritize objectives in a Program Backlog.
Plan objectives on a timeline.
Plan project work towards objectives.
Forecast multi-team objectives based on project progress.
Create visual, interactive timelines.
Get alerts when projects and objectives may be delivered later than expected
Oracle 10g (64-bit only) and 11g R2 (64-bit only) support.
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