Cruise – Release Management: Overview

Continuous integration tools fall short when handling the complexities of release management. Lack of a common tool to manage commit-to-production automated releases lowers visibility, delays critical feedback and causes expensive defects. Cruise gives real-time visibility and control of your build, deploy, test and release process, not only to the build teams, but also to testers, developers and management. With a focus on shortening the feedback cycle, accelerating automation, and collaborating over releases, Cruise lowers the risk and effort associated with releasing complex applications.

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Model releases with Cruise’s pipelines

The key to smooth releases: Fast feedback. Total visibility. Full control.

Cruise enables stress-free releases by shortening the feedback cycle and increasing visibility into the entire build, test and release process. Cruise translates release management to team-speak with its simple, collaborative, usability-driven UI to give your team control over the release cycle. Cruise helps you release rapidly, repeatably, and reliably by giving your team:

  • Better visibility: Model your entire release process from check-in to testing, staging, and production with Cruise’s unique deployment pipelines. See your changes, in real-time, as they move through the different environments.
  • Enhanced control: Regulate the way your application is promoted with push-button deployments.
  • Faster feedback: Drastically shorten the test cycle with dynamic multi-platform parallel testing.
  • Quick setup, low maintenance and extreme scalability: Get all these with our dynamic zero configuration build grid.
  • Complete security and easy integration: Make use of our advanced user management with built-in support for LDAP and ActiveDirectory. Cruise is technology agnostic and can talk to every popular build tool via the command-line interface.

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Combine management and engineering best practices

Reliable releases are also dependent on sound engineering practices like test-driven development, iteration planning and automation throughout your application development lifecycle. Cruise enables them by integrating with other systems, and provides even more control and visibility into the development process from idea to release.

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Customer Testimonials

“Cruise gives us a reliable and dependable continual integration environment, which is crucial to successful sprints. Using Cruise allows us to spend less time on each sprint managing our builds and releases, and more time working on our backlog.”

– Rob Vance, Vice President, Rosetta Stone

“With Cruise, the whole team has gained insight into the build and deployment process. Cruise has made the state of our code base and our builds visible to the whole team. This has helped us deliver high-quality software to our clients faster.”

– Keith Berry, Head of Software Engineering, Moody’s Analytics

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