Go – Agile Release Management: Features

Deployment Pipelines: Model your deployment from check-in to release

Go™ provides a powerful and unique release workflow management system – deployment pipelines – that provides visibility into the status of each change, and control over the flow of changes as they move from build to testing to release. Scale pipelines easily with re-usable workflow templates to manage large numbers of projects.


  • Model and control your entire workflow from commit to testing through to release.
  • Self-service software deployments at the push of a button.
  • Manage and standardize large numbers of projects easily with re-usable workflow templates ENTERPRISE
  • Automatically trigger deployments based on a schedule or completion of a prior stage.
  • See each change to your application, and which stages of your pipeline it has passed.
  • Reduce cycle time, increase collaboration and streamline deployment management through fast feedback.

Model your release workflow

NEW! Environment management: Push-button deployments of any version of your application (Enterprise Edition)

Go enables you to easily model your organization’s environments and perform one-click deployments of any version of your software to them. You can define your organization’s environments, choose which parts of your workflow can use the environments, and which agents can be used to remote control them.


  • Comprehensively model your organization’s environments by partitioning your build grid into groups of agents.
  • Drastically reduce deployment effort by deploying any version of your application at the push of a button.
  • See exactly which version of your application is in each of your environments, and which revision in source control it came from.
  • Control which pipelines can use each environment.
  • Specify environment variable values when deploying.

One-click deployment to environments

NEW! Redesigned usability-driven dashboard: Simplified Release Management

Go™ has a brand new usability-driven UI, built with an emphasis on visual release management. It further enhances collaboration between developers, testers, and operations by providing your entire team actionable insight into the complete deployment process.


  • Get real-time deployment progress in one glance with the AJAX-based pipeline dashboard.
  • Manage your enterprise’s agents in bulk.
  • Completely redesigned dashboard for managing large numbers of distributed projects.
  • Environments dashboard to see the status of your applications at a glance.
  • Be notified in time with personalized, event-based email notifications.

Real-time deployment progress

Infrastructure consolidation: Fast setup, low maintenance, extreme scalability

Go’s build grid is the most scalable on the market. It’s also the easiest to maintain. With one-step install, auto-upgrade and auto-configuration, Go gets up and running easily and stays that way.


  • A completely new UI designed for centrally managing large, distributed CI and testing infrastructure for your teams.
  • Robust, ultra-scalable cloud architecture that can handle over 100 agents without missing a beat.
  • Zero-configuration: one-step installation.
  • Agents auto-configure, auto-update and automatically check out source code.
  • Declaratively fetch and upload artifacts – Go remembers which revision they are associated with so you can deploy the version you want.

Centrally manage large infrastructure

NEW! Test Intelligence: Faster distributed testing

Go provides the most powerful test parallelization and reporting functionality in the industry. Go enables you to speed up tests by running them in parallel on the grid. Go’s unique test intelligence also tells you exactly which tests broke, which check-in broke them, and who was responsible.


  • Reduce testing time by an order of magnitude: divide your tests up into suites and Go will run them in parallel on the grid.
  • Go’s industry-leading test failure reporting aggregates all the failures across the grid into a single report to tell you exactly what failed.
  • Go tells you exactly which check-in broke which tests, and who was responsible for each breakage.
  • Go provides comprehensive testing tool support, working out of the box with jUnit, nUnit, Twist, and Ruby’s test/unit.

Detailed build failure analysis

Secure and Auditable deployments

Go’s powerful built-in security provides complete auditability of every action and traceability from check-in to production. Go integrates security across the entire build, test and release process, thus ensuring that deployments are secure and auditable.


  • Control access to projects and environments by specifying view and operate permissions for pipeline groups.
  • Trace back from every deployment to the exact versions in source control it came from.
  • Lock down who is allowed to trigger processes.
  • Built-in LDAP and ActiveDirectory Authentication.
  • Role-based user management.
  • Secure Agent-Server communication via SSL and public key infrastructure.

Complete traceability

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