Case Studies


Continuous Delivery with Go facilitates rapid and reliable releases

Go enables an 87% improvement in release time, 85% reduction in test time and ROI of 6x

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Is Agile Scalable? Two Technologies that Make It So

Adoption of Go for continuous integration (CI). Working seamlessly with Perforce versioning, has allowed fast feedback and unprecedented visibility into product quality.

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75% Reduction in Testing Time, and a 95% Reduction in Testing Effort

Twist removed the biggest pain-point, by drastically reducing the overhead of test maintenance.

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High-Impact Software Releases With 50% Improvement In Time-To-Market

350-person global delivery team uses Mingle and Go to cut time-to-market with superior collaboration, visibility, and automation.

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Yielded ROI Of 4x and saw Productivity Increase of 15% in the First Year

The successful adoption of Agile best practices across the two SunGard businesses and their customers was facilitated by Mingle.

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Delivering High Predictability And Staying Ahead Business Of Priorities

Enterprise-level hosting company capitalizes on Cloud Computing delivers continuously and shifts development priorities using Mingle.

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Delivery of Multiple Releases of a Complex Application Spanning Millions of Lines of Code

Learn how Mingle has enabled the DocuLive EPR team to successfully deliver 7 major product releases and 8 service pack releases.

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Creating an Agile Project Management Solution that is not Complex and Rigid to Use

Mingle supports complete Application Lifecycle Management for one of the world’s leading research institutions.

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Can You Build a Financial Exchange Without Losing Your Shirt?

Three groups working across two sites implement Mingle to allow them to develop product that provides consumers access to financial instruments.

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More Than Face Time: Social Software Stays Agile

There’s plenty of jostling for prominence in the burgeoning market for corporate collaboration tools. One UK development team has an award-winning answer: Huddle.

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Information Centre Software Teams Improves Development Workflow

In a few months, the team implemented Mingle as the foundation of their iteration and release management process.

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Taking Higher Education to New Heights

Learn how they customized Mingle to mirror and support their development, collaboration and reporting needs.

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Building High-Quality Sophisticated Analytics Application Software

Moody’s Analytics uses Go for continuous integration (CI) and release management to rapidly build and deploy.

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Becoming A Heavyweight

Teams Move to Go Achieve Increased CI Reliability and Flexibility

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Release Time Cut by 70% While Reducing Deployment Costs 50%

Learn how the UK’s largest premium finance company implemented Mingle and Go.

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