Is Agile Scalable? Two Technologies that Make It So

Adoption of Go for continuous integration (CI). Working seamlessly with Perforce versioning, has allowed fast feedback and unprecedented visibility into product quality.


Caplin Trader is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework for Caplin Xaqua, Caplin’s single-dealer platform (SDP) frame-work. Caplin Trader is designed for deployment in the capital markets and enables banks to build an RIA that works within any browser.

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“A year ago, if a check-in that broke an acceptance test was committed, it wouldn’t be highlighted till the next morning. With Go, this break-fix-verify process has been slashed from 48 hours to just one.”

Andrew MacLeod, Software Architect

The Challenge

  • Ensuring the reliability and low-latency of data delivered to multiple versions of I browsers takes a commitment to frequent testing.
  • Extensive testing, involving thousands of unit, integration and acceptance tests, which are run on every browser the framework supports, as well as in different UI themes.

How did Go help?

  • Provided a continuous integration environment to compile code modules and ensure that they received adequate test coverage before releases.
  • Integrated seamlessly with Perforce.
  • Allowed team to model pipelines to achieve maximum throughput.

The Results

  • The break-fix-verify process has been slashed from 48 hours to just one.
  • Product quality has risen immensely by having visibility and fast feedback

Read the full Caplin Case Study (PDF)