Creating an Agile Project Management Solution that is not Complex and Rigid to Use

Mingle supports complete Application Lifecycle Management for one of the world’s leading research institutions.


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is one of the world’s leading research institutions in the field of molecular life sciences. When EMBL needed to update software used to manage applications from students worldwide, Mingle, empowered them with a flexible, easy-to-use shared space for their entire team to collaboratively deliver high-quality value.

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“Mingle helped our teams and users to release predictably and is helping us to achieve better management of the users’ expectations.”

Anne Hermelin, IT Project Manager

The Challenge

  • Minimal requirement specifications of the existing code base, it was challenging to understand and enhance the application.
  • Large proportion of non-technical users on the team.
  • The tool had to foster collaboration and facilitate requirements management, while being flexible and easy-to-use.

How did Mingle help?

  • Simple and intuitive to add user stories and requirements specifications.
  • Provided a ready documentation repository that is valuable for all future application updates.
  • Provided requirements management and tracking.
  • The visual user interface and ease-of-use led to wide adopted by the team.
  • Went beyond project management, and provide a solution for defect and test management.
  • Non-technical users were able to manage tests and defects.
  • Real-time reporting and graphical interface allowed issues, failed tests and unresolved defects to be detected and resolved quickly.

The Results

The results continue to be ongoing:

  • In the two years since the team started using Mingle, it has now grown to be used across ten projects.
  • It has enabled red flags to be appropriately highlighted and resolved before they effect the delivery lifecycle.

Read the full EMBL Case Study (PDF)