More Than Face Time: Social Software Stays Agile

There’s plenty of jostling for prominence in the burgeoning market for corporate collaboration tools. One UK development team has an award-winning answer: Huddle.


London-based employs the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to enable white-collar conversations and connections. The nascent company chose Mingle as the tool for tracking development deliverables under an assortment of Agile methodologies closely aligned to Scrum but also ranging from Kanban to Extreme Programming.

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“For me, it’s the frequency with which we change the way we’re using Mingle. The most recent change was that we decided we want to start tracking which budgeting category a story belongs to. With Mingle, it’s so easy to change the configuration,”

Colin Grossman, Huddle Development Manager

The Challenge

  • Stringent security requirements and very high availability targets.
  • Multi-platform distribution means it is available through site, social networks and on mobile devices, which require complex release and regression testing.
  • Quality of our application and service is a competitive edge that must be maintained.

How did Mingle help?

  • Customer services raises bugs directly in Mingle the head of product receives a notification prioritizes the issue accordingly
  • Head of customer services can see where the bug is in the backlog or development cycle and therefore answer any related customer queries.
  • The ability to change the way we’re using Mingle

The Results

With their sights set on significant technical team expansion in 2010 the team is:

  • Confident that Mingle will continue to facilitate how they value individuals and interactions.
  • Ready to respond to change.
  • Able to collaborate with customers and produce award-winning software

Read the full Huddle Case Study (PDF)