Taking Higher Education to New Heights

Learn how they customized Mingle to mirror and support their development, collaboration and reporting needs.


Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MNSCU), the Enterprise Software Development division sought to develop more mature Agile processes among their teams. They also now deliver software products that are more timely and well tested and better meet the needs of their customers, the students and staff at MNSCU.

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“Mingle has raised visibility of all aspects of our development process, and has helped us become more open and collaborative. ”

Dick McMullen, ITS Supervisor

The Challenge

  • A manual process that required constant attention track changes to requirements, status, stories, and plans.
  • Inefficient collaboration between local and distributed team members and with management staff.
  • The MNSCU team provides software applications for 32 educational institutions, reaching nearly 400,000 students and employees.
  • The division has developed and maintains numerous enterprise systems.
  • The initial team had 152 employees in seven offices state-wide.

How did Mingle help?

  • Product requirements were gathered by the business analyst and put into Mingle as user stories, including priorities and acceptance criteria.
  • Changes were made in real time, as stories are added, changed, or broken down into tasks.
  • Staff in distributed locations used online conferencing for planning and estimating sessions.
  • Tracking the status of the work, provided real-time visibility to all team members and stakeholders.
  • The team quickly reconfigures to meet changing requirements, pulling in ad hoc resources to keep the project moving.

The Results

WADM team intends to aid other development teams in piloting Mingle due to these results:

  • Developing software products that better meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Captured missed requirements and bugs while still in development, rather than after being released.
  • Decreased the overall cost of delivery.
  • Working more efficiently with stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • The team has even been using Mingle to demonstrate Agile methods to computer science students on campus.

Read the full Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Case Study (PDF)