Building High-Quality Sophisticated Analytics Application Software

Moody’s Analytics uses Go for continuous integration (CI) and release management to rapidly build and deploy.


Moody’s Analytics provides risk management software products to leading financial institutions throughout the world. To maintain its role as the industry leader in risk management, they must quickly meet market demands for product innovation.

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“Go has made the state of our code base and our builds visible to the whole team. This has helped us deliver high-quality software to our clients faster.”

Keith Berry, Head of Software Engineering

The Challenge

  • The team must deliver high-quality, stable software while ensuring a rapid response to requests for innovative, new features.
  • Moody’s products are massively intricate.
  • The product development process must be highly predictable and visible.
  • Team needed a standard platform for all their product development to quickly build and deploy.

How did Go help?

  • Allowed the team to do continuous integration.
  • Go allowed development team better metrics on the state of the code base.
  • Team was able to develop a customized deployment pipeline, that modelled their build, deploy, test and release process.
  • Automated tests ensured that changes did not break existing code, issues could be immediately fixed.
  • The entire development and release process now works more smoothly, team is able to collaborate more effectively.

The Results

By using Go for both CI and release management:

  • Development team at Moody’s Analytics can successfully answer the demands of the market.
  • Entire team at Moody’s Analytics development now has visibility into development and product release process.
  • Development process has become an automated, repeatable and measurable exercise.

Read the full Moody’s case study (PDF)