Release Time Cut by 70% While Reducing Deployment Costs 50%

Learn how the UK’s largest premium finance company implemented Mingle and Go.


Premium Credit Limited (PCL) is the largest Premium Finance Company in the UK and Ireland. When enhancing the application that manages financial transactions for over 600 schools, the company needed to improve the frequency, robustness and efficiency of their software delivery process.

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“It is better to work with a flexible solution, so you can adapt to change without locking in everything upfront. The flexibility and visibility provided by Mingle and Go were key to enabling us to improve our delivery process.”

Ian Bridson , Project Manager

The Challenge

  • Premium Credit’s IT department were tasked with enhancing the web application used in the SFP.
  • 20-member team working on the enhancements included both Oracle developers and .NET developers.
  • Two systems for developing and managing business logic – Oracle PL/SQL and .NET.
  • Needed to deploy both .NET code and Oracle code at the right level and track the changes.

How did Mingle and Go help?

  • Adapting to the way the team worked.
  • Providing visibility.
  • By getting the most out of Agile.

The Results

The results are not only tangible, but impressive.

  • Release time reduced by 70%.
  • Deployment costs halved.
  • Major releases every 3 weeks down from every few months.
  • Productivity savings of 1360 person-hours per year.
  • Defect time to life reduced by 67% .
  • Defect management effort reduced by 25%.

Read the full Premium Credit Case Study (PDF)