Delivering High Predictability And Staying Ahead Business Of Priorities

Enterprise-level hosting company capitalizes on Cloud Computing delivers continuously and shifts development priorities using Mingle.


Rackspace is the leading specialist in the Hosting and Cloud Computing industry. Since 2007, the Mingle Agile Project Management solution has been the linchpin for a globally distributed development team that internally supports Rackspace® offerings in a quicksilver market.

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“Mingle lets us do real Agile. It used to be, ‘In this release we’ll do this amount of features.’ Then, the four-week release goes to six weeks and you get into this unpredictable, feature-driven cycle. With Continuous Delivery, we ship every four weeks. We can see where everything is in pipeline at any given time. It’s not so much about delivering faster but about being more predictable to the business. ”

Troy Toman, Director Software Development

The Challenge

  • Opening new data centers, with new hardware and offering new services.
  • Need to enable the provisioning of a completely new service fast.
  • Needed a big-picture focus to meet governance goals and stay ahead of the market.
  • Not making progress on big goals.

How did Mingle help?

  • Easily re-prioritized the whole development stack.
  • Instead of losing a quarter to planning, the team was able reorient their resources in less than 30 days.
  • Mingle’s Tree capabilities used to define Epics.

The Results

Mingle has become key to averting chaos and delivering results.

    • Flexibility.
    • Global Collaboration.
    • Adaptability.
    • Acceleration.
    • Management Visibility.
    • Right-weight process.
  • Continuous Delivery.

Read the full Rackspace Case Study(PDF)