Becoming A Heavyweight

Teams Move to Go Achieve Increased CI Reliability and Flexibility


Rosetta Stone builds the widely popular language-learning consumer software. They recently outgrew their open-source continuous integration (CI) solution and needed a commercial-grade product to better manage software development in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

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“Go gives us a reliable and dependable continual integration environment and allows us to spend less time on each sprint managing our builds and releases, and more time working on our backlog. ”

Rob Vance, Vice President

The Challenge

  • Seven development teams, each creating different components of the Rosetta Stone product.
  • Teams had become siloed, working with seven tracks and seven code repositories.
  • Teams were developing products for the PC, Macintosh and Linux platforms.
  • Developers had to work on one machine at a time. Requiring them to spend additional time manually link CruiseControl instances, so that their product could “chain” build on multiple platforms.
  • Needed an enterprise-grade CI system with high reliability and support to manage the volume of CI required of large, integrated projects.

How did Go help?

  • Easier multi-platform builds.
  • Flexible use among teams.
  • Reliability and ease of use.

The Results

By using Go, the Rosetta Stone development teams now have:

  • Strong yet flexible CI system that manages their heavy development workload across multiple platforms.
  • Increased reliability in product development process and product quality.
  • Made a seamless transition from an open source tool to a commercial-grade solution.

Read the full Rosetta Stone Case Study (PDF)