Delivery of Multiple Releases of a Complex Application Spanning Millions of Lines of Code

Learn how Mingle has enabled the DocuLive EPR team to successfully deliver 7 major product releases and 8 service pack releases.




Siemens, #37 on the Fortune Global 500 list, has a history in taking entrepreneurial risks to innovative. When Siemens’ Healthcare division was looking for a Scrum project management solution for Norway’s leading healthcare software, Mingle’s adaptability and usability made it the right fit.

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“Mingle flexibly adapts to our teams’ unique project workflows and implementation of the Scrum methodology. We can easily customize it to fit the way we work. ”

Sigbjoern Skjervold, Development Manager

The Challenge

  • System availability of 99.9%, several million lines of code, and 3000+ concurrent users at peak hours, incorporating changes and maintaining current functionality.
  • DocuLive EPR had had decades of regular release updates, with complex inter- dependencies between multiple sub-projects.
  • Teams had evolved their own unique delivery mechanisms and workflows.
  • The team needed a Scrum-centric project management tool that would meet these demands, while accelerating their adoption of Scrum.

How did Mingle help?

  • Visibility into project progress.
  • Planning and tracking with Story Wall and card trees.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Flexibility to adapt to project workflows.
  • Personal work-queues.
  • Defect Management.
  • Enhanced developer-tester collaboration.

The Results

Today, Mingle has enabled the DocuLive EPR team to:

  • Effectively manage over 5 complex sub-projects in parallel.
  • Successfully deliver 7 major product releases and 8 service pack releases.
  • Maintain high levels of business service, including stability and performance with an uptime of 99.9%.

Read the full Seimens Case Study (PDF)