Mingle enables rapid response to change and successful delivery of 150+ projects

Mingle’s visibility and flexibility help an innovative digital media agency embrace constant change


Since 2008, Mingle has helped space150, a pioneering digital media agency with impressive work for Dairy Queen, 3M and Forever 21, successfully deliver cutting-edge business value for 150+ Mingle-managed projects.

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“The most important thing is for your tools to get out of the way and just support you. That was what we liked best about Mingle. It adapts to different project and team styles, while providing support and visibility at the level they require. Mingle inherently delivers transparency so we easily absorb change while avoiding nasty surprises.”

Dutch Thalhuber, VP Operations, space150

The Challenge

  • 8 week project to design, build and ship a complex web application.
  • Project scope fluctuated frequently.
  • Team wanted to zone in on flexible, progressive tools, preferring “software that made us happy”.

How did Mingle help?

  • Organize scope and customize processes the way they wanted. “Mingle was always our reference. Our encyclopedia of data about the project. Mingle’s flexibility allowed us to keep tracking lightweight.”
  • Adapt rapidly to changing requirements, and evolve as the project grows. “Mingle is really flexible. So if scope is changed, we can quickly analyze how it will affect our goals and timeline for the rest of the project.”
  • Collaborate with the customer with accurate and relevant visibility. “Another challenge were the trade-offs of scope vs. deadline. Mingle helped us make good decisions in terms of timing, and communicate to the client accurately.”
  • Flexibly manage defects for predictable delivery. “We managed and tracked all our defects and issues in Mingle. Mingle helped us keep the defect count really low.”

The Results

  • “We shipped what we promised on the deadline. That’s something to celebrate right there!”
  • “The client got everything they planned for. With Mingle’s help, we were even able to fit new feature requests into the scope in a way that was manageable.”
  • “The team had a sustainable, consistent pace. The defect rate was really low.”
  • “Mingle really helped us meet our goals and stay sane.”

Read the full space150 Case Study (PDF)