Yielded ROI Of 4x and saw Productivity Increase of 15% in the First Year

The successful adoption of Agile best practices across the two SunGard businesses and their customers was facilitated by Mingle.


Just about every major financial services company relies on SunGard, with a bulk of all Nasdaq trades
passing through its support systems. Ranked 380 on the Fortune 500 list, it is the US’s largest privately-held business software and IT services company. Mingle empowered the geographically distributed team to actualize high returns, for their very first Agile project delivery.

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“We could put our team spanning 5 locations and 3 time zones on the same page with Mingle’s Story Wall, customize Mingle to our needs, report at the level we chose, and get our clients on board in minutes.”

Michael Green, Senior Manager

The Challenge

    • Replacing two mission-critical, investment management and trading applications, managing more than $3.5 trillion worth of investments.
    • Development of the legacy applications was 7+ years. Development team had to replace and enhance the functionality in 14 months.
    • Project requirements were set only at a high level, constant shifts in business priorities.
    • Requirement changes were a linear process involving three teams, multiple loops and possible communication gaps.
    • Team members were new to Agile, the project was both fixed-price and fixed-time.

Customer was familiar with the Waterfall methodology and skeptical of Agile delivery.

    • Teams were geographically separated across five locations spanning three time zones.

How did Mingle help?

  • Mingle required little training — the techies, business stakeholders and even the end-user all adapted quickly.
  • Mingle simplified the cumbersome chore of project reporting and process governance.
  • Customers themselves would make changes to requirements on the fly.
  • Provided a framework to implement Agile best practices, while still flexibly adapting to workflows.

The Results

Results speak louder than words:

  • Project saved over 300 hours of analysis during requirements gathering sessions
  • Yielded ROI of 4x.
  • Productivity increase of 15% in the first year.
  • Successfully delivered on their very first Agile project with a distributed team.

Read the full Sungard Case Study (PDF)