Can You Build a Financial Exchange Without Losing Your Shirt?

Three groups working across two sites implement Mingle to allow them to develop product that provides consumers access to financial instruments.


London-based Tradefair Ltd., is a financial trading exchange pioneer in online sports gambling. Having decided to chart a different course, the companies developers needed a flexible tool to track the continuous delivery of working software in a demanding and “disruptive” domain.

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“Mingle allows us to keep our focus on agile planning and tracking across two sites and have an easily coordinated view into the project – we simply couldn’t do that with a card wall. ”

Dave Farley, Head of Software Development

The Challenge

  • Bringing high-end financial trading to the internet.
  • Building the highest performance financial exchange in the world.
  • Tradefair embraced esoteric uses of Java, as well as demanding approaches to the computer science, architecture and software development.

How did Mingle help?

  • Ability to take process template and modified beyond recognition.
  • Virtual drag-and-drop card wall serves as a permanent repository for the dispersed team.
  • Allowed continual process refinement.
  • Ability to defined cards and use the story tree facility to functionally organize them.
  • Tracking the average software development velocity over a period, using that data as the for basis of all planning assumptions.

The Results

Having adopted Mingle at the dawn of the company, there is no before-and-after picture, the client believes:

  • They would not have had the flexibility needed to change our process within any other tool.
  • Multi-site company would have been quite tricky without Mingle.

Read the full Tradefair Case Study (PDF)