Continuous Delivery with Go facilitates rapid and reliable releases

Go enables an 87% improvement in release time, 85% reduction in test time and ROI of 6x


Go enabled Verivox, one of Germany’s largest consumer web portals, to stay one-step ahead of competitors by improving deployment time and frequency of releases.

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“We deliver code much faster now and keep up with business changes. Go is a significant part of the success story”

Thomas Haida, CIO, Verivox

The Challenge

  • 2-day cycle time could not keep up with rapid fluctuations in domain model.
  • Irregular frequency of releases impacted timely release of updates.
  • Out-of-date information reduced efficacy of calculation engine causing loss of revenue and customers .

How did Go help?

  • Features and fixes can be rapidly released with Go’s powerful workflow management.
  • Merge conflicts are avoided with Go’s support for continuous delivery using feature toggle pipelines.
  • The team has complete control to model their deployment process with Go’s adaptable environment modeling.
  • Go provides reliable release management of any version of the build without the need for recompiling.
  • Go’s pipeline dashboard provides real-time, visual deployment progress.

The Results

The numbers speak for themselves

  • Release time reduced by 80% from 2 days to a few hours
  • Test time reduced by 85%
  • 1200 person-hours saved each year
  • ROI of 6x
  • Releases every week down from major releases every 3 months

Read the full Verivox Case Study (PDF)