Go: Agile Release Management

Go (Agile Continuous Delivery) helps teams deliver new functionality faster and reduce the risk of releases by providing full process control, visibility and fast feedback from the entire release process. Go helps teams model and automate the build, test and release process with the novel concept of pipelines and push-button deployments. Go’s usability-rich dashboard gives the entire team complete visibility into the entire release process.

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Adaptability:Model Your Release Process

Go is the first product to implement the concept of build pipelines, so you can streamline your build, test and deployment processes and get fast feedback on the production readiness of your application portfolio. You can model your build and release workflow without compromising the unique needs of your project teams.

Automation:Accelerate Your Value Stream

Go enables automation and accelerates interaction between teams at every stage of the software development lifecycle. This allows for rapid feedback so errors are caught at an early stage when they’re cheap to fix. You deliver the right product to market, more quickly. Go eliminates release anxiety so you can focus on exploiting opportunities uncovered by continuous feedback.

Visibility:Make Better Decisions

Go provides you with radical transparency and visibility. With Go, you’ll always know whether you’re delivering value by producing working software. This helps you manage risk, make better decisions, and deliver high quality releases. It also gives you valuable insights into project health and status without any reporting overhead to project teams.

What‘s New in Go 12.2?

New Features

  • Use Environment Variables for passwords
  • Store each artifact in one place and then fetch it whenever and wherever


  • New environment variables for material revisions

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Customer Successes

“A year ago, if a check-in that broke an acceptance test was committed, it wouldn’t be highlighted till the next morning. With Go, this break-fix-verify process has been slashed from 48 hours to just one.”

Andrew MacLeod, Software Architect