Fail fast to learn fast in your Build-Test-Release workflow

The goal of Continuous Delivery is to move your production release frequency (yes, production readiness counts!) from months to weeks or even days. Teams that succeed at Continuous Delivery design their Build-Test-Release cycle with an eye towards failing as early as possible. Early failure is cheap and easy to fix. So it really comes down to getting short feedback loops across your workflow.

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Months to weeks to days

Deploy a great product faster.

Agile teams deliver working software early and often. Go automates and streamlines the build-test-release cycle for worry free, continuous delivery of your product. Learn More

Break silos

Get every team on one tool.

Agile methods only work when every department is involved. Go offers development, business and operations people a common platform for merging their work. Learn More

Fail Fast, Learn Fast

No surprises.

Agile teams don’t wait until launch to discover trouble. Teach Go how your team works and let it optimize your tests to smoke out issues as you build.

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What‘s New in Go 12.4?

  • Support for OpenJDK
  • Subversion Post-commit hook
  • Fast config save

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What Customers are Saying

“Business knows all too well that slower and larger releases are buggy and unreliable. With Go we have frequent releases of smaller amounts of functionality. This avoids all the pressure, escalations, and rollbacks, while enabling reliable, predictable releases. They really see a value in this.”

Alexander Schwartz, Sr. Release and Test Specialist, Head of Places Delivery, Nokia