Which edition of Go is right for you?

Go is now available in two convenient packages for teams of up to 20 and 50 users respectively. Each includes a package of remote agents to enable your own build grid, and both are equipped with unlimited pipeline stages and jobs. Additional packages of users and agents are available as add-on bundles.

Go Community Teams of up to 10 users now have access to a fully featured Continuous Delivery tool, for free. This includes Go Environments, templates, pipeline groups, 3 remote agents and pipeline group security.

Compare Editions

Feature Community Go 20 Go 50
Pricing, Annual, USD Free $12,500 $24,500
Maximum Users 10 20 50
Maximum Remote Agents 3 10 25
Maximum Local Agents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Jobs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Stages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Forums Support Team Support Team
Dynamic, fault-tolerant, auto-upgrading build, test and deployment grid
Continuous Integration
Templates for defining re-usable workflows
Define environments
Push-button deployments to environments
See what version of your apps is in each environment
Model, control, and audit your delivery workflow with pipelines
LDAP and ActiveDirectory authentication and role-based authorization
Pipeline group view and operate permissions
Open data model and notification via email and CCTray
Integration with third party software
Free Trial


  • Please contact sales for configurations greater than 50 seats
  • Price in US dollars. Price does not include applicable taxes.
  • Non-profits and open source projects can apply for a license for Go for free. Once the application is approved (at our discretion) we will issue you a 1 year license. Annual renewals are provided on request.