Agile Project Management That Adapts With You

Mingle is an Agile project management solution that offers unparalleled visibility into software initiatives and unprecedented collaboration among business and delivery teams.

Mingle is now available in two editions: Mingle and Mingle Plus. Access Your Free Trial Now

Project Management:

Get the team together

Agile workers talk often and welcome change. Mingle creates a place to make quick decisions and track details, even when the team can’t be together.

Release Planning:

Change course no problem

Agile organizations expect and welcome change. Mingle was built to make assessing and changing the release plan drama-free.

Everyday Simplicity:

Spend less time in the tool

Working software, not tools, makes Agile teams great. Mingle is carefully designed so every team member will pick it up quickly, get what they need and go back to work.

Mingle Rails Patch Available Now

Priorty patch available now. Customers with installed instances please review immediately.

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What‘s New in Mingle 12.4?

Download the new 12.4 installers now.

Download the new 12.4 installers now.

  • Mingle Programs – organise Mingle Projects into groups with a Program Backlog and a Program Plan
  • Program Backlog – capture and prioritise all potential upcoming work in your Program

New Mingle Plus

Starting with release 12.2, Mingle will be available as: Mingle and Mingle Plus. The latest new feature in Mingle Plus is Mingle’s Program Backlog. Mingle’s Programs allow you to organise Mingle Projects into higher level groups with a Program Backlog and a Program Plan. Program Backlogs allow you to manage all the potential and upcoming work in your Program. The Backlog supports prioritization and ranking objectives based relative value and size. Using the Backlog in combination with Plans (introduced in 12.2) you can quickly move from prioritizing objectives to planning them across projects.

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What Customers are Saying

“The most important thing is for your tools to get out of the way and just support you. That was what we liked best about Mingle. It adapts to different project and team styles, while providing support and visibility at the level they require. Mingle inherently delivers transparency so we easily absorb change while avoiding nasty surprises.”

Dutch Thalhuber, VP Operations, space150