Mingle 3.0 for Enhanced Project Collaboration

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Introducing Murmurs™

Mingle 3.0 introduces Murmurs™ which captures relevant day-to-day team communication – conversations and IM chats – and associates them to relevant project artifacts. This creates an archive of collaboration with full traceability. Mingle 3.0 also breaks new ground in program management by enhancing the Macro Development Toolkit to allow you to report across multiple projects and properties. The Macro Editor simplifies and automates report creation and support for increased fine-grained hierarchical reporting .

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Mingle 3.0 also comes with a host of usability improvements such as management of personalized notifications, updates to profile pages, enhanced source integration support for Subversion 1.6.5 and API updates to facilitate integrations with other applications. Mingle 3.0 thus continues to close the collaboration and program management gap that exists between business stakeholders, project managers, business analysts, QA, and development engineers.

Simplify collaboration

With Murmurs™, Mingle helps bridge the communication gap by structuring your daily team communication and IM chats and capturing contextually relevant data. Your global team gets the complete context of the story/issue without communication lapses and repetitive data loops. Mingle weaves customer ideas, enhancements and modifications into the Murmurs stream, better aligning software with business realities. Easily network and communicate with distributed teams and clients, with features previously only privy to popular social networking sites.

Murmurs™: Capture informal communication

Enhance cross-project visibility

Mingle 3.0 comes with new program management features that deliver cross-project visibility and extend reporting capabilities. The Macro Development Tool Kit now enables users to write reporting macros with data drawn from multiple projects.

Easily navigate and trace through multiple projects with support to create referential links to wikis and cards.

Cross-project visibility

Report with ease

Swimming through reams of reports but not relaying the information your team wants to see? Simplify reporting with the Macro Editor with features such as automated report syntax and chart previewing. Mingle 3.0 also supports fine-grained reporting by aggregating child-card properties and using these in parent-card formula properties. This apart from enhancements to the Macro Development Toolkit for improved cross-project reporting and additional MQL query functionality helps you to keep your team informed optimally and easily.

Simplified cross project reporting

Integrate with Google Wave*

The combined collaborative strength of Google Wave and Mingle will allow you to augment, annotate and structure their Wave content. Create new Mingle artifacts by selecting simple text in Wave. View and interact with Mingle card data automatically, and see which waves reference specific cards in Mingle.This rich graphical environment within which to communicate and collaborate within enables you to deliver business-aligned software that leapfrogs traditional methods for software delivery.

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And more…

  • Integrate and scale easily: Mingle 3.0 comes with integration support for Subversion 1.6.5 and API updates for wider integration support with external applications. It also supports enterprise scalability with Mingle clustering for horizontal scaling.
  • Customize and personalize: Manage your history notification subscriptions and personalize your user profile pages.

* Please note that the Mingle and Google Wave integration is not available for use at this time. We are working to provide it around the time Google Wave is made publicly available (in 2010)

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