Mingle for Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration: One Shared Space for the Entire Team

Developers, Testers and Business Experts not on the same page? Enhanced visibility, efficient management and successful delivery are synergic offshoots of cohesive collaboration. Mingle simplifies and amplifies collaboration by providing one shared space for your entire team to view requirements, track story status, manage tests and defects. Mingle 3.0, the latest Mingle release, takes project collaboration to a new level with “Murmurs” by organizing and creating value in unstructured project-related conversations and IM chats.

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Virtual card wall for one-glance project status

Give your global team complete visibility with Mingle’s virtual card wall that gives real-time project status at one glance. The usability rich wall enables your team to visually track stories and defects, prioritize requirements and change status with the ease of drag-and-drop. Customize multiple dashboards for various stakeholders with flexible features to group, sort, color and filter stories, defects and releases for enhanced visual impact.

Drag-n-drop Virtual Card Wall

Full Wiki support for seamless documentation

Mingle comes with an integrated, formatting-rich Wiki that gives your team a simple and quick collaborative platform for project documentation. Visually express story narratives, record acceptance criteria, upload project documents, insert graphics and post project information with built-in support for tables, charts, rich formatting, attaching objects and links.

Built-in Wiki

Change notification via RSS and Email

Mingle keeps you in sync with project changes with Email and RSS notifications. Stay updated on the status of a card, a customized card wall view, or even the whole project, by way of RSS feeds and email in Mingle. For instance a Tester on your team can be alerted whenever a particular story card is “Development Complete.”

RSS and Email Alerts

History and Comments for the complete picture

Mingle enables you to record comments on stories, defects, releases, issues, etc. and displays them on the story page itself. Mingle also holds all status changes and story property modifications in an easy-to-read, chronological and searchable history. This collated view of all team activity, opinions and actions from project inception, provides valuable details and reasoning behind the evolution of the story, issue or project as a whole.

Detailed History and Comments

Murmurs – Project Collaboration redefined.

With Murmurs, Mingle breaks new ground in project collaboration by enabling you to capture relevant data that comes out of day-to-day conversations and IM chats, and associates them to projects artifacts. This enables everyone on your team gets the complete context of the story/issue without communication lapses and repetitive data loops. Mingle allows you to effortlessly weave customer ideas, enhancements and modifications into the Murmurs stream, better aligning software with business realities. Ease networking and communication between your distributed teams and clients, with features privy to popular social networking sites.

Murmurs: Capture all communication

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