Mingle for Scrum Development and Project Management

Scrum is an iterative, incremental and lightweight methodology that enables teams to deliver projects. Mingle’s collaborative nature helps and supports project teams and enterprises in their adoption of Scrum. Mingle also supports flavors of Agile other than Scrum- XP, Hybrid, etc.

Scrum disciplines such as Release & Sprint Planning, Backlog Management, Burn-down Reporting, Velocity and Acceptance test tracking are all supported by Mingle, the Agile scrum project management tool.

Requirements Planning/ Product Backlog

The product backlog is a living document for the entire scrum project. It contains a prioritized list of requirements for the system being built. With Mingle you can prioritize, sort, filter, categorize, and search requirements with drag-and-drop simplicity. Bulk Updates can be made as well. You can also have a grid view of the backlog that can be sorted and grouped in any way convenient for the team.

See Card status for better planning.
Release and Sprint Planning

Mingle facilitates the team’s in their scrum project release planning meeting. At the end of the release planning the entire team would have developed

  • A prioritized backlog composed of user stories / requirements that will be worked on by the team.
  • A coarse estimate for each requirement (or user story).
  • A date for the release.

Mingle captures all this information in real time. Mingle also allows Product and Project Management to take requirements (or user stories) from the product backlog and allocate them to a sprint.

Enhanced grid view for sprint planning activities.
Facilitating Scrum Meetings

Daily stand-ups and scrum meetings are possible with the Electronic Card Wall. Mingle allows globally distributed teams to collaborate on a daily basis and have real-time views of the current sprint. Stories/Tasks can be moved, assigned, prioritized while the whole team gets the same view.

Virtual Card Wall: Visibility into current sprints
Burn-down Charts

With Mingle, the scrum project management tool, you can have real-time overview of Scrum Project Progress. Burn-down charts on a Project, Release and Sprint Burn-downs.

Burn -down Charts: Tracking Progress

Velocity is used to track the amount of work the team can deliver in a sprint. Mingle generates metrics in real time and allows the team to track its progress, thus making Mingle an ideal scrum project management software.

Real-time views can be shared with stakeholders of the scrum project. This allows everyone on the team, including management, to not only track progress but also gain visibility into impediments that can be removed before they become blockers for the team.

Mingle supports other flavors of Agile such as Extreme Planning and Hybrid as well.