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ThoughtWorks Studios’ Agile Workshops provide the context that organizations need while navigating the path of Agile Adoption. An essential component of our Adaptive ALM™ solution, Agile Workshops provide the foundation of best practices and real-world guidance that enables teams to make the most of our tools.
Some of the questions that Agile Workshops help address, include:

  • Agile principles make good sense on paper. How do I put them into practice?
  • To my team, Agile means attending the occasional stand-up. How do I get my PMs, analysts, testers and developers to embrace other Agile engineering and management practices?
  • How do we go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ with Agile?
  • Our team is well versed in Agile, but we are having trouble scaling to distributed project teams.
  • What types of support do I, as an executive, need to provide my organization to help them be successful with Agile?

Agile Workshops: From the Pioneers of Agile Practices

ThoughtWorks has pioneered and applied Agile best practices for over a decade. Throughout the globe, customers trust us to solve their toughest business problems with customized and ingenious solutions. This experience has honed our expertise to use Agile to minimize waste, respond quickly to change, deliver real business value and transform organizations.
Agile Workshops are extremely interactive, highly intensive and infused with real-world experience of using Agile in varying domains, roles and levels of strength. We enable managers, analysts, developers and testers to embrace Agile engineering and management best practices with workshops on every aspect of software delivery such as:

Agile Workshops Framework

    • Agile Foundations
      Accelerate Agile adoption with the pioneers of Agile practices. Our Agile Foundations course offerings are tailored for the full breadth of roles, ranging from the executive to practitioner, and provide a solid vocabulary and toolkit of methods for successful project delivery. Learn more
    • Team Collaboration and Project Management
      From real-world strategies to successfully manage a distributed Agile project to the fundamentals of Agile lifecycle management using Mingle, we enable you to lead your team the Agile way. Learn more
    • Testing and Quality Assurance
      These workshops are focused on integrating quality into your development lifecycle as a sustainable practice. We introduce you to the concept of automated functional testing while helping you to create and evolve functional test suites coupled with hands-on sessions on Twist. Learn more
    • Continuous Build and Release Management
      Smoothen your releases with workshops tailor-made to assess your organization’s release management needs, and setup and scale your continuous integration environment. Our quick start programs using Cruise provide your team with the essentials of enterprise-level release management. Learn more

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Customized Curriculum Designed for Your Workforce

ThoughtWorks Studios can tailor courses to match your particular organizational needs. ThoughtWorks Studios professional trainers can perform a skills assessment and consultation to develop the optimal training curriculum to match your particular organizational and business needs. Customize training ranges from 2-5 days of instruction.

Delivery Methods

ThoughtWorks Studios training solutions includes a full menu of training classes, curriculum available through various delivery options. Instructor-led (ILT) on-site and off-site training as well as online web-based training (WBT) and customized training provided by ThoughtWorks Studios will ensure your development team teams have an immediate working knowledge of Agile and/or ThoughtWorks Studios Adaptive ALM technology.

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