Agile Workshops | Continuous Build and Release Management

Release Management Capability Assessement

Since many organizations are unaware of the full breadth and scope of their Release and Deployment Management capabilities, not to mention how they stack up against best practices, ThoughtWorks conducts an on-site assessment of the people, processes and tools that our clients employ to manage these functions, and provides an analysis of where they stack up to industry best practices.

Length: 2 Days

CI Environment Set-Up

ThoughtWorks will create a Continuous Integration (CI) environment designed to scale to the needs of the enterprise. The environment will incorporate existing automated builds, tests and deployments, but will not establish new ones. For medium to large enterprises, establishing an appropriate environment requires approximately 2 weeks.

Length: 3 Days | Participants: 10

Cruise Quickstart

ThoughtWorks conducts a three-day long, hands-on workshop designed to train attendees on build and deployment fundamentals. The workshop assumes no previous experience with build tools like Ant, Maven, Emma, Cruise, etc. Upon successful completion, bootcamp graduates will be able to participate in creating builds for enterprise project teams, manage project-level continuous integration environments and troubleshoot deployment issues. Note that managing an Enterprise-level CI environment will require additional experience in the field.

Length: 2 Days

Build, Release and Deployment Advisory

Based on the results of your Release Management Capability Assessment, we can work with you to build a project plan to transform your organization over time. Our experts will use Agile and Lean practices to put you on the path toward imple- menting the recommendations outlined in the Transformation Plan, while pairing with and enabling your team.

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