Agile Workshops | Team Collaboration and Project Management

Becoming an Agile Project Manager

For all Project Managers who see value in setting achievable expectations during the process of creating and deploying quality software solutions for their customers and stakeholders, we provide a planning framework that assists in managing the risks associated with content and timing of software delivery. Unlike a release planning method that focuses on creating a single end-date, we will teach you to produce a range of potential delivery dates with a set of assumptions as to the content of the releases from which make decisions on project commitments.

Length: 2 Days | Participants: 10

Scrum Master Workshop

ThoughtWorks’ ScrumMaster Certification is different from the rest. Our exclusive ScrumAlliance-sanctioned ScrumMaster Certification Workshop emphasizes the layering of Scrum and XP practices on a foundation. It comprises a complete introductory solution that is based on ThoughtWorks’ 15+ years of real world industrial strength pragmatism.

During this focused two-day workshop our expert Scrum trainers will teach through hands-on activities, presentations and real-world examples. Participants receive the ScrumAlliance ScrumMaster Certification, a one-year membership in ScrumAlliance (a $50 value), and printed version of all course materials. PMPcan receive 14 Project Management Institute PDUs for this course.

Length: 2 Days | Participants: 10

Essential Agile Engineering Practices

ThoughtWorks believes that successful Agile delivery is built upon disciplined engineering practices. During this two-day workshop, our team will guide your team in effective engineering practices such as Test Driven Design, Continuous Integration and Ubiquitous Language.

Length: 2 Days | Participants: 10

Distributed Agile Workshop

ThoughtWorks pioneered distributed Agile delivery and continues to advise clients on how to develop their offshore capability to become more efficient. In this one-day workshop, we will teach you the secrets to our success in building and managing distributed teams, including but not limited to best practices for communication and packaging work.

Length: 1 Day | Participants: 10

Agile Lifecycle Management With Mingle

ThoughtWorks’ ALM with Mingle, is an on-site training offering for organizations looking to get their teams equipped with the knowledge to use Mingle effectively. The experience is geared towards learning not only the fundamentals of the platform, but also the best practices for managing projects in a way that is tailored to the needs of their organization. The two-day schedule begins with an introductory primer on basic Mingle vocabulary and tools, followed by a series of labs in which participants will be coached through the various stages of project tracking – from ideation through delivery and support. Participants can also choose from more advanced modules based on their needs or roles within their team.

Length: 2 Days | Participants: 10

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