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Our professional services team is made up of unparalleled Agile process experts and experienced technologists capable of delivering organizational change within the most advanced IT and R&D; organizations, many within the top 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

ThoughtWorks Studios Adaptive ALM™ solution is designed to be easily self-installed by your technical staff. However, the architecture lends itself to be integrated with other applications to leverage any existing IT infrastructure, using RESTful APIs. Our in-house experts can work with your teams to ensure the rapid and seamless implementation.

Assessment Services

The pre-implementation assessment provides a foundation and strategy for rapid deployment, our professional services team can provide:

  • Pre-implementation consulting services to assess your technical environment, processes, and business objectives as they relate to software development and overall application management.
  • Recommendations on how your existing application development infrastructure and processes can be significantly improved using Mingle, Twist and Go

Implementation and Integration

ThoughtWorks Studios Adaptive ALM tools are designed so that installations and version changes can be performed by your own administrators. However for more complex environments our team of experts can work with your teams to:

  • Install Mingle, Twist and Go and test the initial deployment to make sure that it is fully functional and properly integrated with your network topology, security systems, and backup and recovery tools
  • Conduct quality assurance testing and user reviews


If you have other requirements that are not met by the standard Mingle, Twist and Go features, our professional services experts can:

  • Design and execute specific chartered development to meet your unique requirements (integration with other applications, custom training, custom reports
  • Apply extensive customization of Mingle, Twist and Go to encompass anything from special features, integration with additional tools or technologies, and more
  • Conduct quality assurance testing and user reviews are part of all customization engagements

Post-Implementation Services

Upon completion of your Mingle, Twist and Go installation, our team of technical experts stand ready to assist you further with post-implementation services.

  • Remote Administration
  • Migrations
  • Process Consulting
  • Hosted Services setup

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