Agile Workshops | Testing and Quality Assurance

Functional Testing Organizational Assessment

Making your automated functional testing efforts successful beyond tool support, requires commitment to the right people and processes. We’ll identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your organization, determine the areas where you might run into adoption road blocks, and provide a high-level roadmap for future improvements.

Length: 1 Day | Participants: 10

Automated Functional Testing Primer

Creating lasting and maintainable automated test suites requires a broad set of skills. Our training will give you an overview of the main topics in functional test automation, take you through the best practices in agile testing, and show you how to build an example test suite in Twist.

Length: 2 Days | Participants: 10

Getting Started with Twist

ThoughtWorks Studios will help you start your automation effort on solid footing. We’ll configure Twist in your environment, helping your team with the installation, setting up the appropriate test driver, running example tests, and, if appropriate, getting your Twist tests running in continuous integration. We’ll run a more advanced version of the functional testing primer, structured as a series of hands-on practice sessions interspersed with conceptual material, and we’ll build the initial set of tests for one of your applications together with your team.

Length: 10 Days (5 days instruction + 5 days hands-on coaching) | Participants: 10

Twist Evolution

Maintaining an automated test suite over time is a challenge – it’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road. For customers who choose the Getting Started with Twist Workshop, ThoughtWorks Studios has designed a program to help you continuously improve and maintain your efforts. We’ll come back at regularly scheduled intervals to make sure you’re still on track, helping with your overall test strategy, the architecture of your test suites, and automating individual tests.

Length: 5 Days | Participants: 10

Test Drivers: Using Selenium or Frankenstein with Twist

We’ll show your team how to use the popular web testing framework Selenium or its counterpart in the Swing world, Frankenstein, with Twist.

Length: 5 Days | Participants: 10

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