Agile Solutions | Software Quality Management from ThoughtWorks Studios

Are your developers, testers and management not on the same page? Is testing squeezed in at the end of the development cycle? Are customers unhappy with missing features in your software? A lack of focus on quality can be the root cause that spirals into software with unsatisfactory business value, demoralized teams and dissatisfied customers.

Our Quality Management solution enables quality-driven software development from requirements gathering through to development and release. With features that enable business requirements to serve as test specifications, automation of test suites and routine test deployments, your team delivers not just high-quality software, but full business value.

[Video] Faster feedback with Twist and Go

Quality built into deployment

Our Software Quality Management solution combines the power of Mingle (project management and collaboration), Twist (Agile testing) and Go (release management).

  • Mingle gives the team one shared workspace and critical visibility into every aspect of the software development process.
  • Twist captures the requirements to be tested directly from business users and then supports their automation as long-term tests that evolve with the application.
  • Go helps development and IT operations teams model release processes and deploy software repeatably and reliably.

Precise requirement gathering

Testing focused on business value

Collaborative Testing

Accurate Real-time Reporting