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Why do I have to wade through so many status sheets, e-mails and tools to analyze the changes a story has been through? How do I easily know which build to revert to before a requirement was developed? I have a huge global team. How do I track my builds to better audit my deployments? My releases keep failing due to obsolete tests, as my testers are unaware of additions and modifications to the code base

When each team member uses different tools, story changes may not accurately replicate across the board. Without an accurate and uniform view, your analysts, developers and testers cannot absorb requirement changes in their narratives, code-bases and test suites. With increasingly complex dependencies and large global teams, tracking and understanding change at a detailed level is essential to identify red flags, resolve issues, and improve planning.

Our Traceability and Accountability solution provides your team with one uniform platform to better understand changes to business intent in the software development lifecycle. This gives your team an accurate and detailed view to intuitively detect potential risks, quickly diagnose defects and improve planning for future releases.

[Video] Card-to-code traceability: Mingle and Cruise

[Infographic] Improve planning

Our Traceability and Accountability solution combines the power of Mingle (project management and collaboration) and Cruise (release management).

  • Mingle – With a flexible usability-rich interface Mingle provides a collaborative project space for the entire team to have a shared understanding of story development and requirement changes.
  • Cruise helps development and IT operations teams model release processes and deploy software repeatably and reliably.

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