Evolve Test Suites and Reduce Effort

Twist tackles the biggest problems that prevent most companies from building an automated regression suite that can keep pace with their complex changing application. Twist helps teams create maintainable, understandable test suites while providing a bridge from manual to automated testing.

Testing can be the biggest hurdle in any organization’s journey towards continuous delivery. Most companies fail to cycle through testing, acceptance and regression quickly enough to release at the speed they need to.

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Maintenance:Make Complex Changes, Fast

Twist is the first software testing tool that gives teams the ability to quickly and confidently make complex changes across an entire test suite. The refactoring support provided by Twist helps teams harness the power of open source software testing tools such as Selenium and Sahi in a structured environment.

Comprehension:Increase Test Understanding, Buy-in and Relevance

Twist empowers teams to write tests in a common language they all understand, in a shared business context. Making tests easy to understand results in better collaboration, improved test maintenance and faster problem solving. Building this shared understanding, Twist helps teams build the right thing now and make changes with confidence later.

Growth:Evolve Testing to Meet Changing Needs

Twist lets teams easily reuse and refactor tests to produce new or altered versions, because they are written from a business viewpoint. Tests are not tied to a custom scripting language, and teams are not reliant on specialists to understand the tests. Twist’s recording functions help testers move up the learning curve to full automation quickly.

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What Customers are Saying

“Twist is helping us add real value and functionality to the website, by helping us build robust regression tests. We tried it with FitNesse and Quality Center, but it never really worked.”

Stuart Taylor, Delivery Manager